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    As a parent/caregiver, juggling the roles and responsibilities of career, family life and parenting is challenging. Often you may find yourself neglecting your own needs. In order to take care of your children it is important to take care of yourself first.
    Practicing self-care is an important step to becoming a better parent. When parents engage in effective self-care practices they exhibit more energy and patience to deal with daily stressors. Self-Care includes all of the things you do to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

    Some examples include: 

      •  Eat regular nutritious meals
      •  Exercise regularly
      •  Turn off all electronics
      •  Get enough sleep
      •  Spend time with family and friends
      •  Keep work and family life separate 
      •  Learn how to say “no” to extra responsibilities 
      •  Practice deep breathing 
    To learn more about Self-Care tips for parents, click the resources below:

      •  Physical, Social and Spiritual Tips - English & Spanish

      •  Positive & Tranquil Tips

      •  Early Childhood Self Care Tips

      •  Deep Breathing Exercises

      •  My Self-Care Action Plan
      •  Self-Care Plan - English & Spanish
      •  Stress Factsheet - English & Spanish

    If after implementing self-care you still find yourself feeling irritable, tired, withdrawn, and/or overwhelmed, seeking counseling or therapy can be helpful. Going to therapy does not mean that something is “wrong” with you. It shows initiative over your personal health and the well-being of your family.

    Counseling resources available for Parents and Caregivers:
    • School Mental Health (SMH) has wellness centers throughout the district that provide counseling

    www.211la.org has information on counseling services by location


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