Online School Plan for Student Achievement

  • Schools participating in programs funded through the state's consolidated application process must develop a School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). The content of the SPSA must be aligned with goals for improving student achievement and address how funds will be used to improve academic performance. The School Site Council (SSC) is responsible for the development, annual review, and update of this plan.

Online SPSA Template

To access the online SPSA template, click on the button below.

Schools must complete the School Identification page before proceeding to other SPSA sections.

Online SPSA Helpdesk

Click on the button bellow to report issue(s) with the online SPSA application using the ITD Helpdesk:

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Instructions to complete the form will start at the 0:12 second mark of the video.

  • For additional information, please contact Mohamed Tantawi at (213) 241-6990 or email to