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    Want to know more about the K-12 Open Enrollment process? See our Fact Sheet below.



    • Applicants MUST be residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) at the time of application and while participating in Open Enrollment.  
    • Parents or guardians should plan to provide their own transportation for open enrollment transfer students. Transportation is not provided by LAUSD through the program.
    • Applications are limited to schools that have declared Open Enrollment seats available for school year 2024-2025.
    • Open Enrollment applications can be submitted online or at the school of choice.
      • Applications must be complete and accurate.
      • Parents or guardians can apply to one or more schools.
      • If parents are applying to send several children to the same school, they must complete a separate application for each child – please complete the sibling section on each application submitted.
      • Parents/Guardians who submit an application online will receive all correspondence electronically, including the status of the application. 
    • If there are more applicants than there is space at a particular school, an electronic drawing will take place at LAUSD's Central Offices. 
    • If you applied to more than one school and were accepted into more than one school, you can only accept one school placement.  Once you accept a school placement, all other Open Enrollment offers will be automatically declined.  
    • To keep families together, siblings of Open Enrollment students shall be issued an Open Enrollment Transfer.
    • An Open Enrollment Transfer is school-specific and is valid through the final grade offered by the school. 
      • Annual renewal is not required. The student can remain at the school through the last applicable academic year available.
      • The transfer cannot be cancelled by the school. 
      • If a parent/guardian withdraws their child from the school, the student cannot return to the school at a later date under the previous Open Enrollment Transfer.  A new application would need to be submitted and selected in the next application cycle. 
      • To matriculate to the next school level, a new application must be submitted to the school of choice as desired. 
    • Denial of an Open Enrollment Application is final and not subject to appeal.