Online Credit-bearing Courses: Models of implementation

    Online courses are offered in the instructional settings defined below:
    • "Virtual" Implementation (EDGL): Course offered online with the vendor providing the appropriately credentialed teacher. These courses are NCAA-approved. 


    • "Blended" Implementation: Instruction is delivered by an LAUSD credentialed instructor and the digital content is provided by the online vendor.  These courses are NCAA-approved. 


    • Prescriptive versions (EDGP/EDVP): These courses are intended for credit recovery only. When available, both virtual and blended implementation models may offer a course in a prescriptive (mastery-based) version. These courses are the same as the core (original credit) version with a “test-out” feature.   

    Prescriptive courses are not NCAA-approved regardless if offered in the Virtual model. 

APEX Learning

APEX Learning

  • The following APEX Learning courses have been approved for the 2023-2024 school year. 
    Some courses require school to purchase additional materials, please reference materials/textbook list here
    Course Title "A-G" Blended Learning 
    Original Credit (APX)
    Blended Learning (APXP) Prescriptive Virtual Learning* (APXL) UC Honors
    AP Government and Politics United States* A N/A N/A AP GV&POL APXL (379117) AP
    AP United States History* A N/A N/A AP USHI AB APXL (379109/10) AP
    U.S. Government and Politics Core A US GOVT & POL APX  US GOVT & POL APXP (379723) US GOVT & POL APXL (379123)  
    U.S. History Core A US HIST AB APX US HIST AB APXP (379711/12) US HIST AB APXL (379107/08)  
    World History A WHG M AB APX WHG M AB APXP (379725/26) WHG M AB APXL (379103/04)  
    AP English Language and Composition* B N/A N/A AP ELAN AB APXL (239109/10) AP
    AP English Literature and Composition* B N/A N/A AP ELIT AB APXL (239113/14) AP
    English 10 B ENG 10AB APX ENG 10AB APXP (239743/44) ENG 10AB APXL (239103/04)  
    English 11 B ENG 11AB APX ENG 11AB APXP (239745/46) ENGL 11AB APXL (239115/16)  
    English 9 B ENG 9AB APX ENG 9AB APXP (239741/42) ENG 9AB APXL (239101/02)  
    Algebra I C ALG 1AB APX ALG 1AB APXP (319701/02) ALG 1AB APXL (319105/06)  
    Algebra II C ALG 2AB APX ALG 2AB APXP (319707/08) ALG 2AB APXL (319107/08)  
    AP Calculus AB* C N/A N/A AP CALC AB APXL (319123/24) AP
    AP Statistics* C N/A N/A AP STAT AB APXL (319135/36) AP
    Geometry C GEOM AB APX GEOM AB APXP (319715/16) GEOM AB APXL (319115/16)  
    Pre-Calculus C PRE CALC AB APX N/A PRE CALC AB APXL (319141/42)  
    AP Biology D AP BIO AB APX N/A AP BIO AB APXL  (369115/16) AP
    AP Chemistry D AP CHEM AB APX N/A AP CHEM AB APXL (369147/48) AP
    AP Environmental Science D AP ENV SCI AB APX N/A AP ENV SCI AB APXL (369121/22) AP
    AP Spanish Language and Culture* E N/A N/A AP SPAN LAN AB APXL (259141/42) AP
    French I ** E FRENCH 1AB APX N/A FRENCH 1AB APXL (259101/02)  
    French II ** E FRENCH 2AB APX N/A FRENCH 2AB APXL (259103/04)  
    Spanish I ** E SPAN 1AB APX N/A SPAN 1AB APXL (259135/36)  
    Spanish II ** E SPAN 2AB APX N/A SPAN 2AB APXL (259139/40)  
    Spanish III ** E SPAN 3AB APX N/A SPAN 3AB APXL (259143/44)  
    AP Macroeconomics* G N/A N/A AP MA ECO APXL (379115) AP
    AP Microeconomics* G N/A N/A AP MI ECO APXL (379116) AP
    AP Psychology* G N/A N/A AP PSYC APXL (379145) AP
    Geography and World Cultures Core G GEOGRAPHY APX N/A GEOGRAPHY APXL (379133)  
    Psychology G PSYCHOLOGY APX N/A PSYCHOLOGY APXL (379119)  
    Sociology G SOCIOLOGY APX N/A SOCIOLOGY APXL (379125)  
    U.S. and Global Economics Core G US GLO & ECON C  APX US GLO & ECON C APXP (379709) US GLO & ECON C APXL (379131)  
    Health*** N/A HEALTH APX



    • Virtual courses (non-prescriptive version) have been approved for NCAA.
    • *AP courses require textbooks. School sites are responsible for securing any required materials/equipment.
    • **World Language courses require audio recordings to be submitted.  School sites are responsible for securing any required materials/equipment.  
    • ***Health course does not include required hands-on CPR component.  Schools offering this course will have to build in instructional time to meet the CPR requirement AB 1719.

UCOP Reminder

  • IMPORTANT REMINDER: As with any other “A-G” approved course, prior to enrolling a student in a course, schools must first ensure that the online course being offered appears on their UC “A-G” approved list which is located on the Course Management Portal. Please contact your local district's counseling coordinator if you have any questions about course management.