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Below is a list of the 28 areas where Los Angeles Unified has taken action to deliver early wins and/or develop plans that showcase the District’s responsives to the learning and operational needs of our students, families and employees.

  •  1. Safe In-Person Return to Headquarters
     2. Maximize Opportunities for Students through Collaboration with Labor Partners
     3. Review and Assess Prevailing COVID-19 Protocols
     4. Supporting All Students Eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch
     5. Re-Engage Students and Families
     6. Staffing Plan to Support Schools
     7. Advocacy Strategy
     8. Quality Summer school and Expanded Learning Opportunities at All Title I Schools
     9. Transparency Dashboard for Capital Improvements
    10. Strategic Plan Development
    11. Implement Routine, Strategic Data-Based Action Meetings
    12. Universal Student Success
    13. Alignment of District Divisions and their Functions
    14. Expansion of Early Education Opportunities

  • 15. 2022-23 Budget Adjustments
    16. Reducing Class Sizes
    17. Parent Academy
    18. Cultural Enrichment Passport
    19. Expansion of Learning Options
    20. All Families Connected
    21. Earned Autonomy
    22. Black Student Achievement
    23. Increased Inclusion Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
    24. Increased Achievement for English Learners
    25. Elevating School Nutrition Services
    26. Increased Opportunities for Adult Education Students
    27. Partnering with Public and Private Entities in Los Angeles County to Address the Mental Health and Wellness of Our School Community
    28. Explore Options to Improve Student Transportation Services

  • For more information, download the 100-Day Plan Report and go to the “ACT” section.



    100 Day Plan Report


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  • Click on one of the task buttons to view a summary of the work completed.

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